joeJoe – Age 27

I used to live the thug life.  I spent a lot of time running in the streets and doing Meth.  I came to KC trying to find something different and my friend told me about Hope City.  I came the first two weeks and just hung out; and then I went in the Intensive Program.  I started feeling myself come alive, and like I really belonged.  I’m now completely delivered of all drugs.  My past experiences from the streets give me insight at Hope City to witness to gangbangers and thugs.

roseRose – Age 56

I’ve had a 40 year history with alcohol.  I went year after year of going deeper in my addiction.  I had 30 plus years without any memory of Christmas or Birthdays.  One of my family members brought me to Hope City, and being here has completely changed my life.  I’ve now been sober for over 4 years for the first time in 40 years.  I have so much passion for knowing Jesus, and sharing Him with others.  I have the honor to share the hope of Jesus and to love so many that were in similar situations.  The Lord has faithfully provided for all my needs as I have transitioned living and serving Him beyond my time in the Trade-Off-Program.  I’m a vital part of the Hope City family, serving at the front desk, ushering and serving on Prayer Room Staff. (3.10.16)

Sam – Age 25

I had lived in a neighborhood on the east side most of my life.  When Hope City came to the neighborhood I went to check it out.  I met the men that were leaders here, and they talked to me and encouraged me a lot.  We became friends.
I had to do some jail time and Hope City allowed me to do it here on House Arrest.  I started in one of their programs, and I immediately knew I wanted to serve God with all my heart.  I’ve been on staff for a few years now; I give leadership to Hope City Youth Program, and serve on Worship Teams.

Cassie – Age 36

About 15 years ago I started struggling with a drug addiction.  I came to Hope City because my children were coming.  I was living in the hood and realized that Hope City was a safe place to be.  I gave my life to the Lord at a church service, but still needed to let my children live with a family at Hope City since I was still struggling with taking Meth.  After a period of time I started the Trade-Off-Program.  I then connected with a program called Safe Families while staying in that program.    My life completely changed around.  I love praying in the prayer line and watching my kids on Worship Teams.  I now have my own apartment and all my children are back with me.